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Amortization Software that will provide you with an inexpensive, fast and easy way to calculate monthly payments, create amortization tables, compare loans, net sheets, and more... Currently used by thousands of Real Estate Agents, Loan Agents, Homeowners, Car Dealers, Small Businesses and many, many others..

  • Loan Amortization
  • Ballon Payment Calculator
  • Necessary Income Worksheet
  • Seller's Net Worksheet
  • Owner Carry Back Worksheet
  • Fixed Rate Loan Comparison
  • ARM Comparison Worksheet
  • Fixed Rate Loan vs. ARM
  • 4 Payment Comparisons
  • Cap Rate / Gross Rent Multiplier
  • Rent vs. Buy Worksheet
  • Car Payment Calculator
  • Lender Database
  • and more...

Amortization Software

"This program is great and is well worth the money - I have the hand held calculator in my drawer and still can't figure it out - It only took me about 10 minutes to be fully trained on your program - Thanks again".     Darrell Bouley

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Amortization Software

If you need financial software, loan software, a financial calculator, a payment calculator, a loan calculator, a loan comparison calculator, amortization schedule, or mortgage software, The Amortizer will work for you.

    Amortization Software

Amortization Software
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California Association of Realtors-Calculators: Following the Path of the Abacus

For years, so many REALTORS® carried calculators that the public could have assumed the gadget was issued with the real estate sales license. Before the calculator, REALTORS® carried little books of amortization tables. Well, things are changing again.

Now, shareware is available that features every real estate calculation imaginable. The Amortizer is downloadable from the Web. The site offers an income worksheet, a seller's net worksheet, an owner carry-back worksheet, a fixed-rate loan comparison worksheet, an ARM comparison worksheet, a fixed-rate loan vs. ARM worksheet, a standard calculator, a financial calculator, a monthly payment comparison, a loan amortization-bottom line, a loan amortization spreadsheet, a cap-rate and a gross-rent multiplier worksheet and a rent vs. buy worksheet.

Tucows Network- The Amortizer is a financial calculator that will provide you with an inexpensive, fast and easy way to calculate monthly payments, create amortization tables, compare loans, net sheets and more. The user interface is basic and promotes ease of use. Try this program now and reward yourself.

Tucows gave The Amortizer the highest possible rating! 

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Amortization Software

Amortization Software   Amortization Software  Amortization Software  Amortization Software            

Amortization Software     Amortization Software